Freakozoid Productions is an independent, niche production house. Our dynamic team of creative professionals create films to weave stories that impact the mind and imagination of audiences. From introducing a company's brand or documenting a sporting adventure, to composing an original soundtrack or producing sophisticated animation, we combine the power of images, music and words to convey your story in a simple yet gripping way.

Based in Mumbai, India, have local sensibilities playing tandem with global exposures. This helps us bring a memorable edge to a Client's story, be they home grown, global, big or small. Our satellite centres/offices in France and Austria facilitate filming and production outside of India.

Who we are

Creative production is done in-house, to ensure quality output. We are a diverse, passionate group of storytellers with years of experience across all aspects of film making. Our creative director holds a Golden Lotus, the highest national creative honor in India, as best animation director for the film Delhi Safari. Our team has worked with the top production companies of India, Italy, South Korea, and the US, as well as with some of the biggest names in direction. Our writers bring a wide range of style and experience in journalism, creative and corporate writing. Our editors are among the best in the business, with years of experience editing TV sports, serials, and motion pictures. Our music producers are talented musicians and composers, with a keen sense of strumming the right chord to enhance the storyline.

What we do

While Freakozoid can and does expand its services to meet clients needs, our core services include:

Adventure Films
At Freakozoid, We document true stories - from the seemingly ordinary, to the extreme - in order to explore the full range of human experience. Our projects span adventure sports, travel, and the extraordinary circumstances of everyday life.

Short Fiction Films
Freakozoid specializes in directing, writing, producing bite-size fiction films full of curiosity and character.

Corporate Films
Freakozoid helps agencies, businesses and organizations conceptualize and execute narratives that creatively promote brands to target audiences.

Music Production
Freakozoid offers original background scoring and soundtrack production for short and full-length films.

Freakozoid creates quality 2D and 3D animation for everything your project requires. Ranging from a full-length to a short length animated film, cartoon, or an animated ‘how to' video, we've got you covered.

Content Creation
Have your own idea? Come to us! We'll help you refine it and realize whatever film, documentary, music video or other product you've been dreaming of.